iPhone Business Apps

Your Company Data on Your iPhone!!!

Emerald Bay Software is now developing custom business apps for the iPhone.  A business app is different from an iPhone commercial app in that it is specifically designed for your company and uses a 'ad-hoc' license model to distribute the application within the company rather than distributing the app via the iPhone Apps store.

Displayed below are several sample screens showing an app EBS has developed for internal use that helps us monitor our customers' servers and disk space.  This application allows us to retrieve live server information for a specific customer while in the field and determine the status of server, disk and backups for that site.  There are screens that update data from the iPhone to the database so information can be updated while on-site.

Password protected login to the app. Client map Servers list showing green for healthy servers or red for servers with issues Server Backup status Server Physical Disk array showing number of disks in array and disk status Server Logical Disk status showing used disk space

Displayed below is the structure of the app.  The iPhone sends a request for data over the Internet which is routed through a .NET web service that retrieves the information from the SQL database and returns it via the Internet to the iPhone app.  The process is highly secure.  The web service requires a username and password to authenticate that the request is from a valid user.  The data is then retrieved and encrypted using SSL and sent back to the requestor.  Nothing is stored on the iPhone, all the data is being retrieved live from the company server.