Networking Services

Emerald Bay Software offers a wide variety of networking services.

Network Consulting and Design - With 23 years of experience in building and supporting networks, EBS can provide guidance to ensure your network employs industry standard best practices. A well designed network will lower your overall IT costs and reduce downtime.

Network Support and Maintenance - EBS provides reliable professional support for your systems. Timely, courteous, and polite, we can make supporting your IT systems a positive experience. We have been in the business of supporting computer networks since the 1980’s and have the expertise to deliver the highest quality of service.

Network Security - In today’s world, security for your network is paramount.  EBS can provide support for firewalls, antivirus, spam filtering and content filtering. We can also assist with evaluating the internal file system security to ensure your files are secure.

Virtualization - EBS can provide services to move your existing physical servers to a virtualized environment. Server virtualization, having several disparate server environments on the same piece of hardware, can reduce hardware cost and downtime.

Backup Systems - Your data is very valuable and needs to be protected from potential disaster. In the event of a server crash you will be completely reliant on your backup system. EBS specializes in implementing and supporting backup systems to provide immediate recovery of your data.

Email Systems - Communication through e-mail has become mission-critical for most businesses. EBS has in-depth experience in leading systems like Microsoft Exchange to ensure that your lines of communication stay open.

Spam Filtering -  Let EBS eliminate the frustration of constant bombardment of unwanted messages. Stop wasting your valuable time and resources dealing with spam. As a provider of ChoiceMail, we can completely eliminate spam from your inbox.