Software Services

Emerald Bay Software offers a wide variety of software/development services. See our Portfolio for detailed examples.

Custom Application Development - EBS can write custom applications tailored to your business. From fully-featured applications to routines that supplement larger systems, we offer both client-server (runs internally on your local area network) or web-based (accessible from the Internet) applications. We use Microsoft Access, ASP.NET, VB.NET and various scripting tools.

iPhone Business Apps - Use your iPhone as a true business tool.  EBS can develop a custom iPhone app that will tie directly into your company database(s) and deliver your data to your phone using a simple, easy to use, pleasant-looking layout.  Display, add and update your data securely right from your phone wherever you have a phone signal. 

Software Integration - We have vast experience making disparate systems talk to one another. For example, your HR system may need to supply employee information to your payroll system on a regular basis. Or you may need to import data from a spreadsheet into your database, or export data from your database to multiple spreadsheets. Maybe you have a mission-critical application that doesn't have a key feature. We can help you use the existing data in your database to drive a custom routine that provides the add-on functionality you need.

Internet/Intranet Websites - EBS has completed a number of dynamic website and Intranet applications. We can design websites that YOU can maintain without having to call in a programmer everytime something changes. We can design custom portals that allow you to provide and/or collect information from your customers.

Report Writing - Custom reports allow you to leverage the information you are collecting in your database systems in order to make management decisions based on real-time information. We can help you tie together information from multiple different systems in a single report. If you are pulling information into a spreadsheet on a regular basis, you could potentially save alot of time by using a custom database application that serves up the data for you. EBS is well versed in all of the current popular report writers, including Access, Crystal Reports and Microsoft Reporting Services.

Data Conversions - It is inevitable. There will be a time when you move from a system you have been using for several years to a new system, and you don't want to lose all those years of valuable data. This is not a process to be taken lightly and requires much planning and testing. EBS has performed numerous large data conversions and has the expertise to manage these mission critical projects.

Database Administration/Maintenance/Security - We are experts in Microsoft SQL Server. We can install or upgrade your SQL servers, setup or install new databases, setup appropriate SQL backup jobs, and configure the appropriate security to keep your data safe.

Project Management - EBS has the expertise to lead your large technology projects. We can work with your vendors, your employees and management to plan and execute data conversions, large software installations, network installations or network upgrades.