Software Products

Emerald Bay Software is the developer and/or reseller for the following products:

Anti-Spam Software

ChoiceMail is an award-winning spam filter that completely eliminates the emails you do not want to receive.  ChoiceMail is priced for home or business use.  Emerald Bay will sell, install and configure ChoiceMail to make sure you receive only approved email.

Customizable Database Document Merging

MergeDocs is a customizable routine that merges database information into a Word document using specialized merge codes. It removes unwanted sections of the document based on specific conditions. Create contracts or other legal documents specific to a person or group of people from your database (vendors, contractors, customers, etc.). The documents are saved as separate Word files and are editable during the merge process.

iPhone/iPad Apps

Emerald Bay Software is the author of a number of commercial and enterprise apps. Click on the Mobile tab above to see more detailed information about our apps.