Emerald Bay Software - Project Examples

Job Costing System

This VB.NET application was developed to manage the costs and prices of thousands of home options offered by an award winning Fresno home builder. This fully-featured application features 6 different integrated modules including a contract tracking system, a document merging system for contracts, and extensive reporting capabilities. It has allowed the home builder to better manage their growing list of options as their line of product offering expands.

Customizable Intranet

This internal Intranet website was designed to allow a leading Fresno farm credit institution to modify key areas of their website anytime the information needs to change. A separate VB.NET application controls access to these key areas and allows key personnel within each department to update their information as necessary. This level of customization makes their Intranet a more effective communication tool and helps disseminate up-to-date information throughout the company.

Design Studio

This ASP.NET website was developed for a Fresno home builder. It allows their customers to create a wish list of add-on options they would like to select for their new house. It tracks the costs of the selected options and calculates their monthly payment including the option cost. The graphical interface allows them to see colors and styles of tile, carpeting, cabinets, etc. They can print the wish list and take it with them when meeting with the design representative to finalize their options selections.

Budgeting System Add-On

This Microsoft Access routine was developed for a local school district. The financial system they used had limited budgeting capabilities. This routine allowed them to use salary and benefit information from their financial system to create budget scenarios for a new school year outside of the system. The scenario automatically adjusted for anticipated yearly salary, cost of living and benefit adjustments. Once finalized, the budget information was updated back into the financial system. The automatic calculation of salary and benefits saved the district countless hours of manual calculations and increased the accuracy of their budget.

Subcontractor Portal

This ASP.NET website is a portal for a Freno home builder's subcontractors, who login and enter bid costs and submit bids for new housing tracts. This portal has saved time and increased accuracy of the bid costs, as they previously were written onto a paper bid sheet and entered by the home builder's staff.

Physical Fitness Testing Portal

This ASP.NET portal was created for a local school district to record, validate and report on physical fitness testing results. The site automatically validated results as they were entered. Teachers were able to certify only completely validated results and submit the data to the district where it was automatically downloaded to the state reporting agency. The site was delivered to over 800 teachers and required very little training and support. It was estimated the district saved over 600 teacher hours in the first year, as previous to this, test results were bubbled in on printed bubble sheets - one per student. The site was designed with ASP.NET and SQL 2005 scripts.

Scheduling System

This VB.NET application was developed for a Fresno home builder. It allows them to setup construction tasks specific to a particular product, assign each task a duration, and track scheduling issues for each house being constructed within that product. This allows them to quickly address scheduling issues that arise that may cause delays in the construction of a house.