Company History

Emerald Bay Software (EBS) was founded in 2002 by Terry and Lynn Rueter for the purposes of selling a commercial software product called MathFacts to school districts and home users. At that time, both had been working in the industy for 10+ years for various technology companies. In 2007, Terry joined EBS full-time to provide network consulting services in the San Joaquin Valley area. In 2008, Lynn joined the company full-time to provide software, mobile app and website development.

Our Philosophy

Since inception, EBS has remained strongly focused on the customer. Helping a company use technology to expand or make their business more efficient is something we find challenging, fun, and personally satisfying. We are committed to staying abreast of industry trends and changes in order to provide our customers with proven technologies that positively affect their bottom line. We use a formal development process that allows us to quote projects very accurately and eliminates the scope creep (expansion of the project beyond its original objectives) that so commonly occurs in custom development projects. Above all, we listen to the customer because it is your company, your investment, and your expert industry knowledge that allows us to direct your technology efforts in ways that will benefit you most.

Why Choose Emerald Bay Software?

Your choice of a technology firm can often critically affect your bottom line. The right fit can mean enhanced productivity for your employees, less downtime, projects done right the first time, and your systems running smoothly and efficiently. This translates to happy employees and happy customers. Emerald Bay Software has the knowledge and experience to be your technology partner.


Professionalism means many things: courtesy, honesty, integrity, respect, responsibility. You know it when you see it, and EBS works hard to demonstrate those attributes. This means being on time, doing what we say we are going to do, communicating effectively (returning calls and emails promptly), and not hiding behind rhetoric if things don't end up going as smoothly as planned.


We hold numerous industry certifications and have attended various training classes in specific relevent topics. With 43 combined years of experience, we also have a wide base of knowledge that enables us to take on new projects and apply general technology principles.


We have worked in many industries, including farming/produce, insurance, accounting, banking, education. We have worked with many different technology products and platforms.


EBS is committed to following a standard, formal methodology for software development. We spend the time up-front to analyze projects thoroughly and provide you with a statement of work that sets the scope of the project. We then follow that statement of work exactly when doing the project. In the end, you get exactly what you expect for the price you expect in the timeline you expect.


We focus on serving Central Valley businesses. Being a small company, we enjoy advantages over other larger companies, including the fact that you always talk to your technician, the one that is familiar with your applications and/or network. There are no middle-men (salespeople). You are talking directly with the people who have the technical knowledge. We have relationships with other technology companies so that when we are unavailable due to vacations, there is always a backup person available to help you with any technology issues.